It is our joy to welcome you to the 10th Prayer Line Conference, We are glad that you have come to worship with us and trust you will be blessed and uplifted by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

"The Hour of Prayer"( ministry was started by Dr. Daniel Rajan & Sis. Susan George with the prayerful guidance of Pastor Joseph Simon, International Church of God, Boston, MA. God gave them a divine desire to pray and encourage people to learn the Word of God. The goal is to reach every nation, everyday with the comforting Word of God, sharing God's love and teaching the life changing messages of the Bible, delivering people from darkness and transforming to the Kingdom of God. This prayer line was started initially as a Malayalam prayer line, by the grace of God, it is now reaching out to six different language groups.

In this 24 Hour prayer line, the Word of God is preached in fullness and power of prayer is evident in the lives of people.
Our spiritual growth is nurtured by the absolute guidance of the Holy Spirit and is fully supported by a group of dedicated leaders and sincere prayer warriors.

May our LORD continue to speak to us and may His will for our lives come to pass..